Imagine having your own personal graphic design house right in your back pocket.

Take a peek Behind the Curtain and see what sort of magic we can create for you...  Web design, logo design, e-mail marketing, direct mail, business cards, brochures, postcards - if you can think it, we can create it. 

Even if you can't think it, we can help with that too.

In today's market of "Do it yourself for free today" we have learned a few things.  Nothing comes for free, and sometimes you are better left to doing what you do best, and let us at Behind the Curtain, do what we do best to make you shine.

Web design

Small businesses don't have the time and budget to 'do-it-yourself for free'. We do it Behind The Curtain for you. It isn't expensive, it's isn't complicated and it doesn't take forever. We design for you in a style that suits your taste and your business needs.

email marketing

Behind The Curtain will connect your data, build your audience and create the smartest, most personalized, clever messages possible. Our mobile friendly emails will carry across all your customer's devices and reach more of your audience.


design services

Love that website or email we did for you? We will use our creativity and design experience to create beautiful print or other materials to follow-up existing digital materials. Get a handheld brochure or a clever leave behind to entice your future clients.